Scrap Metal Recycling

Free scrap cars pick up – let’s turn your scrap into cash!

Welcome to Lomoca Inc, we are a privately owned, fully licensed & environmentally conscious family business working out of the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, providing scrap metal recycling services.

We make selling your ferrous, non-ferrous and scrap metal an easy and profitable process. Drive in your metal to our certified scale and get the best price for your scrap metals.

We accept the following ferrous materials:

  • Farm equipment
  • Plate + structural
  • Heavy melt
  • Auto cast
  • Motor blocks
  • Steel turnings
  • Baling
  • Shredded steel
  • Appliances
  • Vehicles

Accepted non-ferrous materials:


#1, #2, #3


Red, Yellow, C+F (taps), dirty brass, turnings, solids


#1, #2, Small / medium / large tech cable, ACSR, Bell wire, Elevator cable, Computer cable, BX cable, Christmas wire


Old, irony, siding, cast, mixed low copper (MLC), extrusion, plate, turnings, radiators, car rims, truck rims, transmissions, pop cans


300 series, 400 series, all other stainless steel grades, turnings


Soft lead, wheel weights, lead cable


Lead acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, alkaline batteries


Car radiator, copper / aluminum radiators, electric motors (copper or aluminum), transformers, heater cores, zinc die cast, starters, alternators, fluorescent ballasts, nickel / platinum, catalytic converter, computers, electronic scrap

Bins are available for large quantities.